Readers Write: Being heard on Homewood |

Readers Write: Being heard on Homewood

Liz Hanly

I attended the Public Scoping Meeting at Granlibakken Tuesday, regarding Homewood Mountain Resort. It was attended by mainly long-time Homewood residents. I was struck by the lack of participation by the new residents to this area. The families and young people of our community of the last ten years. I thought, do they care what happens to the West Shore? Develop or no develop. Change is inevitable, but we as a unique community and shore on the lake, must plan what happens over here, not just let it happen to us.

The next thing that struck me is the whole forum-process. I had been coached by someone who has been on both sides of a project. He told me, the TRPA doesn’t want to hear, why , how long you have lived here, or how deeply you care about your town. TRPA just wants to know what issues are important to community members pertainig to the EIR (Environmental Impact Report). If you are not familiar with an EIR ,than you should be, because if you don’t address it, your comments will fall on deaf ears.

My point is, those of you who live here have a responsibility to participate in the future of the West Shore, whatever your vision.

Oct 2. is the last day in the public scope process. Upcoming meetings and deadlines are posted at Tahoe City and Incline Libraries.