Readers Write: Burning down |

Readers Write: Burning down

Welcome to the new era of forest management ” it’s here. Just take a look around take a deep breath and enjoy the logical results of extreme environmentalism. Where is the Sierra club? Why are they not triumphant, as their new forest management plan becomes a reality? They have destroyed the commercial logging industry that we depended on to remove the small trees and brush around our communities.

The new forest plan is basically lock it up and burn it down. How do you like it so far? One of California’s greatest renewable resources, trees, has become a political football. While politicians battle it out, our overgrown dead-and-dying, tree-farm density national forest is suffering unbelievable devastation from record-setting wildfire season year after year.

Saving the environment is a noble cause, but the “lock-it-up-and-burn-it down” Sierra Club forest plan is a recipe for disaster. We have the technology to use small tees and wood chips, better to lock this carbon up as furniture and building materials or use excess chips to generate electricity than send complete ecosystems into the atmosphere accelerating global warming. Billions of dollars of natural resources have been wasted, thousands of jobs and complete communities have been unfairly politicized out of existence. Now billions more must be spent on fire suppression and rehabilitation of our public lands.

Wake up people and smell the smoke, because the flowers are burnt up, the animal kingdom has relocated and we are in for some-record setting erosion and water contamination problems. This is your new forest management plan: Create a crisis. Then administer to it.

Mike Griffin