Readers Write: Cat care |

Readers Write: Cat care

Lauri Heath

Is the Humane Society doing its job? I suggest an interested person look at these areas. Are the cat rooms clean and the temperature acceptable? Are litter boxes, cages, bedding, toys and cat scratchers clean and devoid of excess fur. Do the rooms smell clean? Do the cats seem healthy and content? Have they been brushed? Had their nails trimmed? Can Humane Society personnel tell you about cats temperments, personalities and histories? What food are they receiving ” high-end cat food can be donated to shelters. If you have adopted did you receive at least two calls from HSTT asking how the new family member was doing? Was HSTT able to assist with any problems you may have encountered? What is HSTT’s plan to find homes for their long-term cat residents? HSTT does not pay for or provide lodging or basic cat care. But they must be the cats’ advocates and therefore must ensure that this care is properly given.