Readers Write: Cops " Some feedback |

Readers Write: Cops " Some feedback

I was reading the last column, “My Turn: Cops ” Protectors or Public Nuisance” and while it drew some obvious points, I would like to discuss some of the points raised.

Tourists and locals alike heavily travel North Lake Blvd., and it puts a heavy burden on the residents to travel through a DUI checkpoint.

However, most drivers do not stay in their own lane, use their turn signal, observe pedestrians in the crosswalk and don’t obey the 30 mph speed limit.

I have yet to be involved in an accident in Kings Beach, yet, I have come very close many times.

It makes sense for the cops to put out a checkpoint during the weekend, when the casinos, bars and convenience stores see a high amount of volume for alcohol-related purchases.

Most of the patrons use taxis or travel by foot, but some don’t and that is the purpose for this stop.

Probable cause exists when officers encounter a single subject or a group of subjects.

The road is public property, the police enforce public safety and if there is a threat to safety, then there is no reasoning needed to put up a checkpoint.

Your car is a machine and if you’re not attentive, it can be deadly.

I saw a bumper sticker in Donner Lake yesterday, “Are you drunk or just talking on your cell phone?”

Cell phones distract the driver and can cause accidents, just like alcohol. If it is that important to talk to someone, pull over. Drinks, smoking and passengers are also distractions, but you ultimately have the choice as to what you do when you are driving.

If you choose not to use a seat belt, you are risking death.

Alcohol plus lots of sun plus little or no water denotes a ticket.

The Truckee, from Tahoe City to River Ranch is a Class II-III. Pretty meager by most standards, the Truckee is an easy adventure that doesn’t really take much intelligence to float.

That does not mean that it was right for the police to hand out public intoxication tickets, but it might stop those people who feel they are “all right” to drive after killing a 12 pack on the river.

I do not endorse the police, nor do I really want anything to do with them. I agree that they may be overzealous in their attempt to keep the public safe, but that is the position we are in.

As a community, we need to put up a stand for what we believe in and start doing it locally.

We need to stop blaming the police for doing their jobs and start stepping into the lives of our friends, neighbors and strangers, so that the majority of us are not bound by the stupidity of others. Maybe the next time you see a DUI checkpoint, don’t get mad, just ask them, “How many drunks have you pulled off the road?”

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