Readers write: Daily delay |

Readers write: Daily delay

Mike Powers,

I am writing in regard to the agricultural check station located in Truckee. I am a California-licensed general building contractor, and I live in Reno just over the border. I drive in to California on I-80 along with hundred of tradesman that come from Reno to the Truckee/Lake Tahoe area for work daily. Each and every morning we are asked where we are coming from and other questions that are meant for travelers. We make this commute daily. This not only takes an extra few minutes of time every day, but it also wastes tons of fuel for use to stop and say “Coming from Reno.” The AG station is at least 7 or 8 lanes wide. Would it be possible to have a commuter lane and a windshield sticker? Even if we had to pay for the sticker, the saving in gasoline and time would be well worth it. Please consider something along these lines. Ever since the new Ag Inspection Station moved farther east on Highway 80, our commute times have increased along with a decrease in our gas mileage.