Readers write: Denied |

Readers write: Denied

Wanda McDermott
Kings Beach

Wednesday, I was involved in what should have been a positive advancement for the Kings Beach community, but rather resulted in a shameful disregard of our community’s desire for the three-lane hybrid roundabout alternative. I have lived in Kings Beach, Brook Avenue to be more specific, for the past 15 years with my husband Kevin and our five children, all of whom went to Kings Beach Elementary, NTMS and NTHS. I have seen and taken pleasure in Kings Beach’s evolvement, for many completed projects have helped beautify Kings Beach.

It is rather disappointing, however, to see the hard work the community has put in over the past 11 years to improve Kings Beach thrown to the wayside. We proposed a change that would make our town safer for pedestrians, but were denied by our representative, Bruce Kranz. It appears to me that our representative is just as detrimental to our community’s well-being as the ridiculously fast drivers who completely disregard our safety. I guess I will just have to keep my fingers crossed and hope I will not have to witness any more accidents that could have been avoided by implementing the three-lane roundabout alternative.