Readers write: Despicable |

Readers write: Despicable

My wife and I had the pleasure of participating in the Fourth of July parade this year as part of the Truckee Tahoe Republican Women’s Federated entry. The primary message that the women were promoting was one of registering to vote. They were not promoting any candidates, only voter registration.

We had two vehicles in the parade. Riding in the convertible were two U.S. Navy corpsmen, one of whom is a daughter of Truckee who graduated from Truckee High School before enlisting in the Navy. The other is her cousin, who came up to Truckee to see family and participate in the parade.

Those of us in our entry felt honored to have these two young people who are serving us join us in the parade.

Things went pretty well in general with the parade until we neared downtown. Somewhere approaching Spring Street the parade came to a stop, which is not out of the norm. What was out of the ordinary was the guy who used a garden hose to spray water on the two Navy petty officers. That extremely impolite action brought discredit upon Truckee. Random spraying water at people is not a big deal, but insulting the uniform of one of our Armed Forces is a big deal.

It is hard to tell if the guy’s motivation was dislike of the current Commander In Chief, disdain for the military in general, or if his inspiration came from alcohol. In any case, there was no reason to show his worst side to Truckee’s guests. Whoever you are, your actions were despicable.

Tom Meadows