Readers write: Disappointed |

Readers write: Disappointed

Susan Kyler
Tahoe Vista

It’s beyond comprehension how you, Placer County Supervisor Bruce Kranz, can ignore the work of seven plus years, thousand of hours of staff and volunteer time, to vote against a community in need of rescue. You are supposed to be our elected representative.

You have so obviously not done any of your homework and listened to a small minority of fear-induced individuals. Shame on you.

You say that you are afraid for the safety of those individuals in the back streets since they have no sidewalks. Do you actually believe that those people stay in a walled-in enclave when the most beautiful beach in the world is yards away. Oh, by the way, they must cross a highway that has three times the state average in accidents to get to that beautiful lake. It boggles comprehension that you could be so ignorant and biased.

You might find an angry tone to this letter. You would be correct. I was one of the people who spent a considerable amount of time trying to find a solution that would slow down traffic in my town and yet let it continue to flow smoothly through town. If you had listened to the testimony you would have heard that the traffic backs up down Brockway hill into Kings Beach when the traffic light at Crystal Bay stops the traffic. Read: the traffic light stops that traffic. Roundabouts slow traffic, making it safe to allow pedestrians to cross the street and vehicles to continue their journey.

Your statement is the backstreets would be unsafe since there are no sidewalks along those streets. You don’t seems to have worried about that for the last decade along the highway in Kings Beach where traffic flows at a much faster pace and a world renown lake exists on the other side.

You might think that you have won a battle, but from my perspective you have continued to ignore the needs of a community for the wishes of a few. I am forever disappointed in your lack of leadership.