Readers Write: Endure delays |

Readers Write: Endure delays

Patricia Abbey
Incline Village

This is in response to the letter-to-the-editor tirade against our local men and women who have been charged with enforcing our laws. (“Cops: Protectors or public nuisance?” Aug. 12) I was reading with amusement until the writer declared that our police officers should concentrate on “real crime” instead of DUI checkpoints. I spent five years working with Mothers Against Drunk Driving, dealing with calls from victims whose children and other loved ones had been mowed down by people driving under the influence.

I suggest the writer dial-down his indignation and outrage and be grateful our police are hoping to keep him from being another one of our heartbreaking statistics.

I for one will happily endure the delays the DUI checkpoints because I’ve seen enough grief-stricken faces to last me a lifetime.