Readers Write: Explain, please |

Readers Write: Explain, please

Carolyn Ferln

A short question to the owners of our local gas stations, or anyone else who can respond. Why is gas in Truckee currently 75 cents higher than in Reno? I realize that living in a tourist community means higher prices for everything, but 75 cents per gallon more? And how do you explain that I can still get gas in Kings Beach for 25 cents per gallon less than in Truckee? Lake Tahoe is farther from transportation lines, i.e. Interstate 80, and it is even more of a summer tourist destination than are we. I recall a couple of years ago when Truckee gas prices were close enough to Reno’s that I didn’t worry about filling up down there. But 75 cents a gallon? Sorry, local gas stations, you will not get my business until your prices come down with the rest of the country’s.