Readers Write: Grass Valley has steep learning curve with bears |

Readers Write: Grass Valley has steep learning curve with bears

Ann BryantExecutive Director, BEAR LeagueHomewood

Bears simply are not programmed to turn down a free and easy meal. Repeated offerings of sunflower seeds, garbage, and cracked corn are a guarantee for daily visits from the bruin that Grass Valley resident Ann Gilberg is now complaining about. And to make a bad situation worse she is asking the Department of Fish and Game to trap and move the bear. Guess what folks, bears are not trapped and moved they are trapped and killed, but not unless the homeowner first takes all the necessary steps to solve the problem. Continuing to feed this bear garbage, seeds and corn is not the way to encourage him to leave. Rather, this tells him hes welcome to join them whenever hes hungry (and bears are always hungry). Most of the residents around Tahoe have long ago outgrown this bear-baiting-and-then-whining-about-it behavior so this article originating in the Union came as a complete shock to me. It brought back some bad past memories but also made me thankful and proud of our residents up at Tahoe/Truckee for being so very Bear Smart. The BEAR League has several volunteers in Grass Valley who would be more than happy to help residents learn how to properly live around the bears without causing trouble or harm to either species. Please give us a call or visit our website. 530.525.PAWS