Readers Write: Just get on |

Readers Write: Just get on

I’m glad-the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency Governing Board is not waiting the mandatory 12-month period to bring back another three-lane/roundabout adaptation. I think that the residents, tourists and locals alike will embrace the four lanes, new sidewalks, street-scape, water quality measures and overall beautification. The four-lane supporters did not fire an attack at the TRPA Advisory Planning Commission or the Placer County Planning Commission when they made their decisions. We came with the same message to the Governing Board. I still feel the same: A vote was taken, clearly identifying that safety in the Grid and level of service for traffic flow are the most important aspects when analyzing the issues. The three-lane alternative failed. Let’s just get on with a four-lane improvement and start beautifying Kings Beach.

Ellie Waller

Tahoe Vista