Readers Write: Majority for 4 |

Readers Write: Majority for 4

As some advocates of the three-lane roadway in Kings Beach have falsely reported, Supervisor Kranz didn’t single-handedly overturn the wishes of the majority of residents and the recommendations of other agencies. I believe the majority of residents supported the four-lane roadway, and not all agencies supported the three-lane alternative, Caltrans for one.

The three-lane supporters feel there is a need to slow traffic so tourists would stop, walk and shop. Wide sidewalks can be used for placing tables and chairs to serve food and coffee. But this is not the only solution and not the best when other factors are considered. Slowing traffic is also accomplished with traffic signals to protect pedestrians. I cross State Route 28 all of the time, and not always at the signals. At the crosswalks, after looking in both directions, I can safely cross and the drivers are courteous and stop. Pedestrians have the right of way. I never have a problem with speeding traffic. However, some people say they do. Why do we not enforce the speed limit as posted? Taking Reno school zones as an example; I have never seen anyone exceed that speed limit because of active enforcement.

At the Planning Commission meeting, proponents of the three-lane alternative all had the same message repeated over and over. The county seemed to ignore their own traffic expert who recommended the four-lane alternative. The League to Save Lake Tahoe said they recommended the three-lane alternative in part due to lower air pollution when the county said there was no difference between the alternatives. There were no definitive solutions by the bypass traffic in the grid, only nebulous references to “calming measures.”

Winter maintenance issues for the roadway and sidewalks were not discussed. The several new developments for Kings Beach and Crystal Bay will add more traffic to the system. This was ignored. I live in Kings Beach (since 1974) and know that the only solution to traffic, public safety, and roadway maintenance is the four-lane alternative. I encourage the county public works department to recommend this alternative as soon as possible.

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