Readers Write: Marathon hassle |

Readers Write: Marathon hassle

Imagine driving along the northeast shore of Tahoe when suddenly, 10+ (slow moving) cars in front of you, is a CHP/SUV with warning lights controlling traffic in your direction of travel. Wondering hmmmm? Is McCain or Obama or some other person of importance in town and being escorted ” perhaps a huge accident? as you follow the line of traffic.

Noticing that immediately in front of you is a civilian van with a man standing up through the open sunroof with a camera and wondering again WHAT is going on? And, more importantly, why is this guy doing something considered dangerous and illegal? Then, as the van starts to pass the vehicles between it and the CHP/SUV with the flashing lights, crossing over solid double yellow lines into the oncoming lane of traffic, thinking it MUST be someone important or something momentous to disregard the law.

Imagine how frustrated you would feel when realizing the parade of vehicles following the guiding CHP/SUV had nothing to do with visiting dignitaries or momentous occasions.

It was because of the cycling portion of the Tahoe Marathon.

Okay. Now imagine after driving 6 miles at 15 to 30 mph in a 45 mph zone, you think, Yes! We can pass them!

Wrong. CHP/SUV straddles the 2 lanes through Kings Beach, preventing any passing.

Imagine my thoughts as I finally waved goodbye to the cyclists at Lakeshore Boulevard in Incline.

Consider the following:

We live in an area where there are rarely alternate driving routes. Shouldn’t approval for events that impact local travel this heavily be something the communities affected be involved with?

Local roads were made for automobiles, not automobiles and cyclists simultaneously.

Why not have the race during noncommuter hours?

Do the participants in these events pay local taxes to support road maintenance?

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