Readers Write: McClintock is politics as usual |

Readers Write: McClintock is politics as usual

Aaron Stanley

Tom McClintock is a prime example of politics as usual and a barrister of the previous Doolittle terms. Charlie Brown has lived and worked here in our district for years. He has tirelessly worked to improve our district and has been a community leader here. McClintock would like to move up from Southern California to take advantage of a political opportunity. McClintock has also taken to dirty campaigning in the form of attacking Charlie Brown’s military record. When the choice is between an opportunistic politician that collects government stipends as a source of income and a man who gives 10 percent of all his donations to our nation’s veterans, then isn’t the choice obvious? I, for one, have had enough. I’m tired of the corruption that began with Doolittle and promises to continue with McClintock. I’m tired of the dirty campaigning that smears exemplary Americans like Charlie Brown. I, for one, am more than ready to send Charlie Brown to Washington to represent me.