Readers Write: Measure U is an irresponsible rerun |

Readers Write: Measure U is an irresponsible rerun

Kathleen Doler

The Measure U folks are acting like a bunch of children … what part of “NO” don’t they understand?

We voted down this $93 million school bond for school infrastructure enhancements, previously called Measure L, in June of this year. It is irresponsible and irritating to have it reappear on the ballot this November. This is a waste of taxpayer dollars, and there ought to be a restriction against rolling out the very same measure just six months later.

In her “My Turn” column, which ran on Sept. 26, 2008, Lynne Larson did an excellent job spelling out the reasons why the specifics of this measure are deeply flawed. So I’ll just touch on the situation taxpayers are facing today. In the current real estate downturn, homeowners are watching their home values fall. Our tax assessments should be falling as well. Yet the proponents of Measure U think our pockets are endlessly deep. They are not. In Truckee, we already pay for more than a dozen special assessments. Enough already.

Folks are tightening their belts, trying to pay for gas that has doubled, dramatically higher heating costs, soaring food prices and astronomical health insurance payments (that in my case outstrip my monthly food bill). We are tightening our belts trying to ride out this severe economic downturn and all the uncertainties that go along with it. The schools should be doing the same.

Ground the proponents of Measure U and send them to their rooms! Vote “NO” on Measure U.