Readers Write: Mind made up |

Readers Write: Mind made up

Megan and Jack Chillemi
Kings Beach

Sadly, the many persons who put their hearts and souls into developing an outstanding commercial core improvement and the many residents who looked forward to a reinvigorated and up-to-date Kings Beach may never realize their dreams because Bruce Krantz has other plans.

From the start of meeting at the Chateau on June 25, Placer County Supervisor Bruce Kranz demonstrated his complete contentious attitude for the three-lane, hybrid alternative during his own county’s public works presentation and before one public member ever expressed an opinion. Along with some of his side-kick colleagues, Kranz telegraphed a nasty attitude while continuing to look for faults or weaknesses to discredit the Placer County proposal. Kranz then followed his negative demeanor by staring downward at some incredulously interesting notes, eating a major league size french roll sandwich, and leaving his chair repeatedly to attend to other important matters. All this while a very articulate public was expressing their visions for a more prosperous and future Kings Beach.

Obviously, Kranz and his buddies came to the meeting with a pre-conceived idea or plan or solution. Whatever, his mind was definitely made up ahead of time. He was just searching for a way to surface his negative opinions and found a resting place in pouncing on the estimated 40 days of heavier traffic that might slow the Kings Beach road and back streets.

Mr. Kranz, you squirmed, scowled, looked detached and your body language told us all that you weren’t interested in listening to a three-lane hybrid plan, which is what the majority of Kings Beach property owners and residents want. Before you attend another public meeting, you need to remember that you represent the consent of the governed, and that your demeanor, attitude and composure belie your intent. Give it up Mr. Kranz. You have a lousy poker face!