Readers write: Please explain |

Readers write: Please explain

Candy Dowdle
Kings Beach

As a resident of Kings Beach for 15 years and many public agency meetings, I have often seen the wishes of the majority shot down by a few. Think bike trail, skate board park and beach center.

Sadly this happened again Wednesday at the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency Governing Board meeting. As they voted, I was working at the Front Porch and right in front of me another young girl was missed by inches from getting hit by a speeding truck while the other three lanes of traffic stopped for her as she crossed the “highway” at Fox Street while in the crosswalk.

Will somebody please explain to me how it is even possible that just a few people on the TRPA board, who don’t even live here, are able to override the wishes of most of the community, recommendations from not only the Placer County Planning Commission and the Placer County Department of Public Works, but their own executive director and their own Advisory Planning Commission?