Readers write: Please explain |

Readers write: Please explain

Supervisor Kranz, I write to you as the apparent ” and to my mind, obvious ” ring-leader of the decision to ride rough-shod over everything that the community of Kings Beach worked on in absolute good faith for more years than I can count.

Please explain to us how you incredulously arrived at a decision to totally ignore the advice and counsel of every ” every ” formal, professionally constituted entity, organization and body that reviewed the proposed three-lane hybrid solution to Kings Beach’s ills and thrown their support behind it.

Perhaps more importantly, please explain to the taxpayers and voters in this region how it will ever be possible to have faith in “due” process again? This was never to be about only traffic ” indeed it was about anything but. So it’s clear you need to account for the fact that, absent any other explanation from you, you appear to have hidden some other objective behind something that may never actually happen: Where possibly, and only possibly, 20 years from now we may see a little over 40 days per year where more cars travel along a couple of streets than we would like to see. Not more cars traveling than those streets can take, just more than we would like to see ” all the while being actually slowed down to a safe speed by multiple measures.

Meaning that certainly, for the next 20 years and forever, for every one of the 365 days in each and every one of those years, you have at a stroke and willy-nilly, excluded us from the wonderful, safe, slower, more beautiful, more peaceful and definitely more vibrant commercial core that the vast majority of residents and property owners have continuously and repeatedly selected for themselves.

You’ve condemned our town Supervisor Kranz. It was on life-support before today, you just pulled out the ventilator. I firmly believe that, as an elected official, you really need to show how and why you were influenced by some previously undiscovered fact and reason that escaped every ” every ” other reasonable person.

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