Readers Write: Problem is… |

Readers Write: Problem is…

Lin Zucconi

The Caltrans folks keep trying to push animal underpasses on us when the Canadians have long known that they do not work (“Animal X-ing” June 28 Sierra Sun). Predators quickly figure out that the underpasses are perfect places to wait for prey animals (deer, etc.) to emerge. Quickly prey animals learn to avoid the underpasses created for them and to take their chances crossing against the vehicle traffic. The Canadians learned to build wide naturally landscaped overpasses that provide prey animals with plenty of coverage for safe crossings.

Problem is that these overpasses cost more to build. So Caltrans, U.S. Forest Service and others keep pretending that they are addressing the vehicle-animal encounter problem thinking that we are gullible enough to believe them. So who is the biggest fool? Government agencies pretending to solve the problem or us drivers pretending to believe them? Meanwhile innocent animals keep dying.

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