Readers Write: Settle it |

Readers Write: Settle it

How dare the Tahoe Truckee Unified School District deal so recklessly with my children’s education and future. I am outraged that a fair and reasonable settlement has not been reached with the teachers union after 10 months of negotiations. This is ridiculous! Who would work for 10 months without resolution concerning their wages? Why are we asking the providers of all of our children’s education and future to do so? How incredibly narrow minded and shortsighted is the Tahoe Truckee Unified School District?

How are we to attract and keep competent and qualified teachers in this area if the district is unwilling to offer any decent pay increases. We all know that this is an extremely expensive area to live. We also all know that this is a very wealthy district, the 12th richest in the state, just behind Carmel, Palo Alto and Laguna Beach. Get this settled. Offer these hardworking teachers the compensation they deserve. I have never seen any of the board members volunteering in any of my children’s classrooms over the past several years. I have never seen any of the board members at any of the after-school functions, plays, or science fairs. I find their refusal to compensate the people who actually work in this school district to be hypocritical and offensive. Get this settled now!

Holly Van Husen


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