Readers Write: Small changes for a healthy planet |

Readers Write: Small changes for a healthy planet

I feel compelled to respond to My Turn comments “The Ongoing Global-Warming Scam” (Aug. 6) and “The Junk Science of Climate Change” (Sept. 2). I don’t want to debate the issue, but rather understand why it’s so important to debunk it. So what if we’re all being scammed? We’ve begun to ride our bikes and walk more rather than drive, buy more energy efficient light bulbs, and we recycle, create composts, buy locally and are developing a greater respect for the environment and our community. The commentator says that scientists are making this up because “global-warming is a huge growth industry, currently estimated at tens of billions of dollars per year.” Yet how many billions does the oil industry bring in as we pollute using more and more fuel? It may be that our current energy habits are not the cause of global-warming, but I know that the disgusting haze that covered the skyline of Beijing during the Olympics was from us ” along with the haze that covers most major cities. The commentator also says, “Prepare yourself and your children for a far lower standard of living ” all in the pursuit of junk science.” How can we think that if this is “junk science” or not that if we make better environmental choices our standard of living would lower? What does that mean? It’s not like we’re talking about reading by candlelight and going to work/school on horseback. We’re talking about making small changes that are good for our health as well as the planet’s and investing in alternatives such as nuclear energy. There’s no denying that everybody seems to have an agenda ” especially when there’s possibility for big financial gain. However, does it matter in the greater scheme of things if the message at its core promotes positive change?

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