Readers write: Traffic ‘control’ |

Readers write: Traffic ‘control’

One of my favorite days in Truckee is the Fourth of July. Party at Val and Buff’s house, watch the parade, West End Beach for fireworks. This year as I was walking out from West End Beach after the fireworks, I said to myself and other people around me, “Thank God the traffic control was in place.”

Unfortunately when the traffic on Donner Pass Road had came to a stand still at the intersection of Donner Pass Road and Old Highway 40, an overweight officer was there to direct traffic up and over Old 40. I asked him if I could go towards Donner Pass Road and explained to him I was low on gas. He blatantly said that wasn’t his fault and continued to direct me up old 40.

When I refused to do so and numerous cars behind me questioned why also, I was issued a ticket.

Other cars in the line were offered to pull aside and wait for the traffic on Donner Pass Road to start moving. I was never offered this, just a reply of, “You just want what other people can’t have.”

I was just standing my ground. After he issued me a ticket, he still directed me up and over Old 40, or to be thrown in jail and my car to be towed. I thought my excuse for not obeying him was legitimate.

I continued up Old 40, ran out of gas and couldn’t get Triple A service there for over two hours. What I do regret is that I failed to ask that officer his name. I did recognize him as a regular customer from the Pizzeria. Maybe he should lay off the pasta of the day with extra butter and spend some time on a treadmill.

Happy 4th of July

L. Shortridge