Readers write: Truckee cure |

Readers write: Truckee cure

Ronald RettigTruckee

Truckees city officials, eyeing the the alarming business closures downtown have taken positive action to reverse the trend removal of all newsracks on public and private property to be replaced by racks leased from the city. Evidently this is a major problem, far surpassing the abandoned, dilapidated apartment on High and Bridge streets, the loss of a staffed fire station, post office and bank downtown. And let us not forget the citys wisdom in approving an underground garage for a new hotel on the river. I guess the continued flooding at the Catholic church and the high groundwater level during heavy rains do not matter. This planned subterranean garage must certainly be within the 100-year flood plain of the Truckee River. We need to clean house of our citys elected and appointed officers.