Readers Write: You have me |

Readers Write: You have me

One important aspect of Fannie Mae story that you won’t hear from our left-leaning media is the part played by Bill Clinton’s Budget Office Director, Franklin Raines, who was also the former chairman and chief executive of Fannie Mae.

In 2004 Franklin Raines resigned in disgrace after pocketing more than $50 million, largely gotten through a $6.3-billion accounting scandal. I don’t recall any attempt to prosecute this guy but after all, he is an influential Democrat and not subject to the standards imposed on ordinary businessmen. Raines’ actions are no doubt partially responsible for the current mess. Check out this over achiever at:

I suppose we can look forward to a lot more of this from an Obama administration. Funny how NBC, CBS, ABC and CNN all tend to miss these little details but hey, that’s what you have me for.

Prentiss Davis