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‘Recharge Your Mind and Body with Amazing Amino Acids’

Caroline A. Wadlin, MDSpecial to the Sun
Courtesy photoDr. Dan Smith entertained locals at Dorinda's Chocolate Cafe with information about amino acid therapy and his new book "Recharge Your Body & Mind with Amazing Amino Acids." The book signing turned into lively conversation about using amino acids in treating anxiety, mood disorders, allergies, food cravings, hypoglycemia and more.

TAHOE/TRUCKEE, Calif. – As we age, everything seems to slow except the aging process itself. In his new book “Recharge Your Body and Mind with Amazing Amino Acids,” Dr. Daniel Smith presents a well-organized, thoughtful analysis of how the benefits of amino acid therapy could genuinely impact one of our greatest health concerns: healthy longevity. His research also applicable to chronic pain, sleeping disorders, mood disorders, addictive behaviors, recovery from injury or surgery and even the diabetes crisis. His comprehensive outline of the merits of the amazing amino acids is truly eye opening for consumers and practitioners alike.A chiropractor in Truckee, Dr. Daniel Smith consolidated more than 25 years of research in scientific literature and his experience with thousands of patients, in his just released book entitled, “Recharge Your Body and Mind with Amazing Amino Acids.” The book is a guide in which he tells us how we can use a complete and balanced blend of free form amino acids to improve every day and chronic health symptoms.In his book, Dr. Smith challenges an all-too-typical approach within our healthcare system today, an over-the-counter-treat-the-symptom-as-quickly-as-possible line of thinking. Instead, he systematically peels away the layers of conventional thinking to uncover the opportunity to have good health as a “whole system” approach. In other words, if the whole system has a foundational flaw, such as an amino acid deficiency, only by treating the whole system can the deficiency (symptoms) be reduced or alleviated. All protein foods must be broken down into free amino acids, which then are used as the raw materials for every single structure within the body. Without lumber, how could a carpenter build anything? Without free amino acids, how can the body repair anything? Just as there are many shapes of lumber, amino acids come in many molecular shapes, and the body knows precisely which ones to use for which repairs. Muscles need amino acids to recover from exercise, the brain needs amino acids to make neurotransmitters, and even the digestive system needs amino acids to make the very enzymes that break down food proteins into – guess what? – amino acids. It is not just the graying hair and wrinkles – every part of the body ages. One insidious, almost invisible, change is loss of the digestive power to break down food and free the nutrients required for all our vital processes. Free amino acids supply the body’s little carpenters with the building blocks needed to kick start healing within every system from head to toe.If you are concerned about healthy longevity, “Recharge Your Body and Mind with Amazing Amino Acids” is a worthwhile read – it takes into account not just symptoms, but the system. It defines what the system needs for longevity and to “recharge.”Copies are available for purchase at Dorinda’s Chocolate Cafe at 10009 W. River St. in Truckee and on Amazon.com starting Nov. 1 or by calling Genesa Inc at 800-404-1065. For more information visit http://www.genesaliving.com.

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