Resolve to get involved in ’05 |

Resolve to get involved in ’05

Even though Gray’s Crossing and Old Greenwood are well in our rearview mirrors at this point, much more growth is ahead.The railyard project and the Hilltop proposal will be picking up steam – if not full approvals – in the coming year. And whether a person is comfortable with the direction our town is heading or not, his or her voice is an important ingredient in how these developments ultimately look and feel.Are these new additions to hour town going to be faux European villages with canned music floating through the air, or are they going to feature Truckee’s unique mountain history?Are they going to boast acres of asphalt parking lots, or are they going to incorporate underground parking? Along with their commercial components, how much affordable living space will they offer?While an official proposal for Planned Community 1 hasn’t been submitted by the property owner, Teichert Aggregates, it’s a good idea to envision what that should look like as well. PC 1 could add a couple hundred homes to the area just east of Donner Lake near Donner Memorial State Park.The point is that these – and several other – developments are going to happen. But that doesn’t mean we as residents can’t have a say in how they fit into our community. Get involved.