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Ride of the Week: 28-foot 1935 GarWood

Interview by Ryan Salm of the Sierra Sun
Ryan Salm/Sierra Sun

Patrick Bagan of the Sierra Boat Company

It’s a Washoe Indian name that means owl.

It has a Modern 427 installed 20 years ago.

The boat belongs to John Metcalf and he passed it on to his nephew Brock Metcalf.

It has lived its entire life in Tahoe at the Metcalf home in Rubicon. It was a racing boat in the early ’50s at the Tahoe Yacht Club. It won several races in its class during that time. It was bought new in 1935 and passed down through generations in the Metcalf family.

It goes out on the lake from Aug. 1 to Sept. 1 daily by the Metcalfs.

It must be kept covered throughout the year and needs to be taken to the “beauty shop” every five to six years.

It will not be shown in the boat show because Brock would rather use it on the lake that week and enjoy it [rather] than tie it up for viewing.

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