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Ride of the Week

Emma Garrard/Sierra SunTom Bredt and 'Kerosene Kate'

During World War II gas was hard to come by, so they built a converter that used kerosene.

It was used to carry (the boat) Florence M II to the lake from Lodi. It was donated with the boat. The fact that the boat and the car had been in the family for 87 years.

It was donated by Ross and Marilyn Bentley in 2004; the original owner was John Carroll Skinner.

It has a six-cylinder engine, which was rare at the time since most were four. It’s a pretty strong engine: It can pull 6,000 pounds.

They figured out a way to get it through the snow by a spool arrangement that he attached to the back wheels. He tied the rope from the spool to a nearby tree and pulled the car along the snow. The car is pretty high off the ground, but I’m sure they tried to attach chains. Many years it would be the first car to reach Echo Summit in the spring and the last to come back down.