Rockin’ fourth grade field trip |

Rockin’ fourth grade field trip

Mrs. Dailey's Fourth Grade Class
Special to the Sun
photo courtesy michael Fournier

The Glenshire Elementary fourth graders recently visited the Teichert Aggregate plant. We learned all about what they do and participated in many activities. One of the activities was tree planting. We planted Jeffrey Pine seedlings to make the already mined area look more natural and support animals. All of the students also participated in testing the health of Martis Creek. We learned how to test the water to see how clean it was and see if fish could live in it. The most interesting part of the field trip was the Teichert bus tour. We got to see the process of big rocks being crushed into smaller rocks and sand. We stood in the control tower and watched the conveyer belts move rocks around.

Going to Teichert was an excellent experience for Glenshire Elementary Fourth graders. We thank you for letting us visit.

– Zoe Rodriques, Dominic Azevedo, Megan Burrill, Olivia Koster and Andrew Parkhurst