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S.S. Tahoe sails once again upon Lake Tahoe

TAHOE, Calif. and#8212; S.S. Tahoe once again makes a maiden voyage upon the clear blue waters of Lake Tahoe, nearly 104 years after the original ship Tahoe was launched at Glenbrook in June of 1896. The new S.S. Tahoe is an operational model of the original ship. The ship is unusual in that it’s entirely hand built, has a riveted copper hull with more than 5,000 rivets and it is powered by the only known twin engine steam plant. The model is 6 feet long and radio controlled with a complete sound system that provides the sounds of an actual steam whistle, a ship’s bell and steam chuffing. It is also equipped a complete lighting system, just like the original ship, of more than 65 interior and exterior electric lights, running lights and a search light.

There is a very good reason why the original S.S. Tahoe was referred to as and#8220;The Queen of The Lake.and#8221; She has very beautiful long low sweeping lines and lays low in the water. In 1896 she must have been a very revolutionary and ultramodern sight to behold. She was also built for speed with a very narrow beam and could do 18.5 knots. The model is also quite fast and made a trial run at a scale speed of 36.9 knots.

The model of the S.S. Tahoe took approximately three years to build and is the third model boat to be built by Alan J. Zulberti. Alan is a member of the San Francisco Model Yacht Club and his previous boat, a WW II Patrol Torpedo boat, has operational weapons systems including launch able torpedoes and received First Place in Military and Best in Show a few years ago. PT-588 was also the subject of a six-page feature article in a national magazine, Ships in Scale.

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