Sand in your shoes, rock ‘n’ roll and politics |

Sand in your shoes, rock ‘n’ roll and politics

Notes from a long overdue holiday ….

We went for warm and sunny, with an ocean view. I whole-heartedly recommend Maui if you have similar vacation needs.

n Scanning the weather page during the flight out of San Francisco, I come across the “nation’s low temperature” listing: Truckee, Calif.

My journey begins with a smile.

n The day’s paper also has the full account of the now famous Starr Report. I chuckle again, having just purchased cigars at the airport before taking off.

n Reno newscaster (or at least a dead-ringer lookalike) Erin Breen is on the same outbound flight. In this week’s Reno paper, I read the front page story about professional women (Breen is featured) who are taking time off from budding careers to spend more time at home to raise their young children.

Interestingly, Erin (or perhaps her evil twin) and her male traveling companion/husband were vacationing alone. Smart move.

n Hawaii is the land of newly marrieds – there are more people on honeymoon in one place than any other locale on the planet. The just-out-of-the showcase wedding bands, which most of the newlyweds endlessly fidget with, flash brilliantly in the sun at nearly every turn. I recommend wearing sunglasses at all times to cut down on the glare.

n Hawaiian weather is intoxicating. Warm water, warm breezes, warm evenings and cold beer.

Need I go on? Friendly locals,too.

n I love the Hawaiian language, whose words are a treat to the ear, but not so easy to the standard English speaker when trying to read a map and discuss directions.

n Political season in the islands is particularly interesting to the unaccustomed. Hawaiians (on at least two islands) carry on a charming election tradition mainlanders don’t often witness. Although you’ll see the customary campaign signs around the island touting candidates for upcoming races, the vision of a group of Hawaiians gathered at a busy street corner is a sight to behold. In unison, as motorists pass by, 20 or 30 political supporters with campaign signs edge to the side of the road and … wave, warmly (what would you expect?). No pointing to their signs and shouting or other gyrations. Just waves with gusto.

The wavers grow on you after awhile.

n Unbeknownst to me, Bob Dylan was traipsing through the islands last week on tour. (Dylan plays at the Hilton’s outdoor amphitheater in Reno this Sunday.) Having never seen the rock ‘n’ roll icon before, and bowing to the fact our evenings were free, we purchased tickets for what turned out to be a wonderful show in an equally wonderful outdoor setting.

Dylan’s voice is, well, still Dylan’s raspy “What did he say?” mumbly, gravely self. But, that’s part of the attraction. Dylan and his talented band were on top of their game in front of a rather graybeard crowd (Dylan is 57, remember).

Overheard while in the admission line: “Hey, that guy over there says he has an extra ticket. Said he bought two tickets, but his wife told him she’s too young to remember Dylan’s music and wouldn’t go to the concert.”

n Yesterday, I slipped on tennis shoes over my bare feet and ran out to the garage to fetch something. After a few steps, I felt the course texture of sand, Kaanapali Coast sand.

The thought warmed me as I braced the chill of a fall evening in the Sierra.

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