Sierra Agape Center of Truckee announces expanded services |

Sierra Agape Center of Truckee announces expanded services

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TRUCKEE, Calif. and#8212; Sierra Agape Center for Soul-Tending in Truckee is pleased to announce the addition of Jon L. Weedn as co-director. Jon brings more than 10 years of experience as a meditation trainer and group facilitator in the community and is also a certified yoga instructor. As co-director of Sierra Agape Center, Jon will work with director Kimball C. Pier, LMFT to provide a broader range of spiritual and emotional development and counseling services to Truckee and North Lake Tahoe, all on a sliding fee or donation basis.

Jonand#8217;s focus is teaching mindfulness and awareness through meditation. Meditation is an effective practice for focusing attention, learning to decrease anxiety by working with the breath and learning to transmute negative energy to positive, loving energy by changing negative mind-states. The practice benefits athletes by teaching them to focus attention, relax and change their thought patterns. Meditation benefits families through a ritual for a daily practice to decrease habitual negative communication patterns, find stillness and peace after busy days, and develop attitudes that cultivate compassion and love for each other, no matter how difficult circumstances may be.

Students benefit from learning about meditation and how to develop a practice because it improves ability to calm the mind, bring relaxation to the body and focus attention. Present moment awareness allows students and athletes to participate fully in whatever activity is before them, to give themselves completely in the moment and to let go of worrying about outcomes.

Jon is available by appointment to teach families in their homes or appointment for office visits in Truckee. Services are by donation only.

Please visit for more information about meditation and other services provided by Sierra Agape Center, e-mail Jon at or call him at 530-318-6149.

Other services by donation or on a sliding fee scale provided by Sierra Agape Center:

Counseling services include opportunities for home-based services for couples and families to learn the art of developing meditation a practice as part of decreasing anxiety, and learning the art of peaceful communication.

Private yoga therapy with Kimball C. Pier, LMFT on a sliding fee scale. Yoga therapy combines mindfulness and awareness of the body with learning how emotional states are expressed through the body. Sessions include therapeutic conversation with hands-on learning of beneficial yoga postures.

Sierra Agape Center is planning programs to offer on-site training in learning meditation techniques and developing a practice to local nonprofit agency staff and to teachers and counselors at local schools. The goal is to offer ways for educators and caregivers to reduce stress, find peace even in chaos, and develop skills for managing increasing demand with decreasing resources.

Sierra Agape Center, 10038 Meadow Way, Ste. B, Truckee is developing teen yoga programs for the summer which will offer yoga instruction to teens on a donation basis. Ten-week courses will be offered both in Truckee and Tahoe City.

All programs and services are offered to community members on a donation basis.

For more information, please or call 530-414-1885.