Sierra plan unfair to locals |

Sierra plan unfair to locals

Scrap the Sierra Framework. This doctrine is anything but fair and reasonable. Generated and written by radical environmental groups and over-zealous USFS administrators, its complete subversion of Congress and deliberate violation of several existing laws ensures a legacy of litigation.

Just like the Roadless Initiative, the outcome was decided long before the public process even started. As someone who attended local workshops I can assure you that the overwhelming local outrage and public comments have been completely ignored. The main philosophy here is that the means justify the end. Manipulate, regulate, eliminate, and litigate. Anything but legislate! Our congressmen are also outraged and I urge you to call your congressman today. The plan states that public involvement and social and economic issues are of the utmost concern. Not! A more accurate description would be expert local evasion.

This radical philosophy is “top down politics.” Written by non-governmental special interest groups, it uses biased opinion and select science, unfairly applied. Dr. Erman, the main author and leader of the “Sierra Nevada Ecological Plan,” has stated that the USFS need not consider the public. This type of arrogance and uncompromising attitude has no place in public land management.

This effort to achieve biological perfection will become a never-ending, open door process to regulate humans out of public lands. They will create yet another army of bureaucrats to control our every move. Renewable resource industries are being crushed and the recreation community eliminated. The policy of “closed unless designated open” will create chaos and hostility. A walk in the woods will be a criminal activity. Is this public land management or the tyranny of radical, polarized, environmental politics? Do we want our public lands to become a government controlled experiment? No.

This one-size-fits-all, top down politics will circumvent local input, local control and participation from local governments. Flexibility in land management and individual forest plans will be eliminated.

Call your congressman now and tell them to scrap the Sierra Framework.

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