Sierra Sun Editorial: Vote ‘Yes’ on Measure R |

Sierra Sun Editorial: Vote ‘Yes’ on Measure R


To learn more about Measure R, visit

To learn more about the measure’s supporting group, Committee for Trails (Yes on R), visit

We are encouraging Truckee residents to vote “Yes” on Measure R when they go to the polls for the June 3 primary election.

We feel a modest sales tax increase of a quarter-cent for the next 10 years is worth the incredible value Truckee (and the surrounding North Shore region) will receive by way of more trails and better-maintained ones.

With the weather as spectacular as it was this past Memorial Day weekend, the crowds of people roaming the region were aplenty, and many were walking and biking our world-class paths.

Since our region relies on tourism to stimulate the economy, the positive impacts Measure R will have on our businesses are far-reaching. If we have more fun things for people to do, it’s going to draw more people who, we hope, spend more of their money here rather than down the hill.

With the housing market trending upward — notwithstanding some terrible winters recently — further promotion of a diverse and beautiful trail network wouldn’t hurt in terms of increased property values, either.

And let’s not forget: Providing both locals and visitors more opportunity for outdoor recreation also promotes a healthier lifestyle, a true nonpartisan endeavor with which we all can be on board.

It’s estimated the measure would generate $10 million — $8 million toward trail construction (including completion of the Truckee River Legacy Trail) and the rest to maintenance, and all the money stays here in the community.

This is contingent, of course, on an oversight committee doing its job to ensure the money is spent appropriately, and we as a newspaper pledge to do our jobs by holding that end of the deal accountable in the coming years, should the measure pass.

For all these reasons and plenty more, we feel increasing Truckee’s sales tax the next 10 years to 8.375 percent is the right move for our residents, our businesses and our community.

Vote Yes on Measure R on June 3.

— Sierra Sun staff