Skeptical of Citizens’ Climate Lobby | Opinion |

Skeptical of Citizens’ Climate Lobby | Opinion

The Citizens’ Climate Lobby sounds good, but if their proposed legislation is read carefully, you find it is not about effecting climate change but about wealth re-distribution and getting donations to make money for the founder.

Unless he is a volunteer, which I doubt, he is taking a skim off of the top. Re-distribution is accomplished by “Equal Monthly Per-Person Dividends.” They will take your money and give it to the poor so they can afford the massive energy cost increases. Socialism anyone? Use just a tiny bit of logic to follow the money. When you give back 100 percent of the “carbon fee” where is the revenue to fund this? Oh yeah, the government will run it so it won’t cost anything.

This whole scheme is founded on one hare-brained paper written by some people from MIT who have likely never had to exist in the real world outside of academia. They say this is market driven and not regulation driven, but they propose many new regulations and punitive fees to force the implementation of this scheme.

They say it is good for the economy but don’t say how. They think this scheme will force foreign governments to do what they want to stay competitive with the U.S. Yeah right, like herding cats. They use a lot of buzzwords like “transparency” to help sell their dream. The new definition of transparency is, you can look right through what I’m saying and you won’t see anything.

Please read the website — — with a critical eye and ignore the gobbledygook. Trillions of dollars would be required to create 2.8 million jobs. That has to come from somewhere or maybe the 2.8 million jobs created from the non-existent revenue will be done by volunteer workers.

Harold Parks

South Lake Tahoe

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