Sniper taught lesson of terror |

Sniper taught lesson of terror

This week, Truckee and Northern Nevada residents got a taste of what many here have tried to escape: living in fear.

On Monday morning, a sniper drove up Interstate 80 and pulled off the road, finding a comfortable vantage point of the freeway.

As cars passed, the suspect now in custody admits he fired a .22-caliber rifle into their windshields. One Squaw Valley man was struck in the chest. Others barely escaped injury.

On one Reno television station, the suspect was asked why he did it.

“Why not?” was his response.

Before he was caught, those of us who live in a quiet, peaceful little corner of the world got a glimpse at terrorism.

It could happen to us, we were reminded.

Driving down the road, your life could end in a flash because someone was bored.

The I-80 sniper is as low as anyone who would chose to blow up a Pan-Am airliner or a federal building in the midwest.

The sniper has proven he has no basic respect for human life and, therefore, does not deserve to live among us in free society.

There is not a jail cell barren enough or a solitary confinement lonely enough to serve justice upon this person.

At only 20 years old, he now faces a more than 250-year jail term, which essentially means -if convicted – he will spend the rest of his life locked away, costing taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars for his safekeeping.

He has thrown away his life, like he almost wasted the lives of our friends and neighbors.

The I-80 sniper is a terrorist who made us unwillingly remember that it’s a cold world out there and there are a lot of people who would easily pick us off with a rifle like it was a video game.

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