Spark up your love life with the art of Feng Shui |

Spark up your love life with the art of Feng Shui

www.jupiterimages.comSpice up yor love life with bold red colors to stimulate the root chakra Ñ the body's passion center. |

As the Beatleand#8217;s song says and#8220;Love, love, love and#8230; itand#8217;s easyand#8221; or is it? Are you finding yourself alone too often without a snuggle partner?

Or are you looking to bring back some spark into the boudoir? Well then I have some feng shui tips for you!

Feng Shui is considered the and#8220;art of placement,and#8221; which is basically how to derive the best advantage for the flow of energy to stimulate health, love and prosperity in your life. It is used from how a building is set upon the land to how you arrange your furniture and accouterments in a home or office. There are many ways to use feng shui to enhance different areas of your life. Since February brings us Valentineand#8217;s Day and the aura of love, we will focus on bringing that aspect into more clarity.

First letand#8217;s start by taking a good look at your bedroom, your most significant passion palace! Is your room looking dingy and cluttered? Time for a major cleanup. Clutter stops energy flow cold. If you want to bring on the heat, clear that clutter.

When looking for a partner, make room for that special someoneand#8217;s possessions in your drawers and closets.

Colors are an important part of setting the mood. White and black are for the dead, theyand#8217;re out. Blue is calming and studious, itand#8217;s out too. Colors in soft greens and pinks open up the heart center and can bring a gentle attentive partner. Vibrant bold colors in reds will stimulate the root chakra at the base of the spine, your passion center, and we know where that leads. Change the colors in your bedroom to reflect the type of relationship you would like to invite into your life.

Where is your bed placed in the bedroom? Scrunched in the corner against the wall?

This is a big feng shui no-no. Pull the bed away from the wall and make sure there is space for two people to get into the bed.

Your bed should be the coziest place in the house. Time to toss the old college sheets and funky worn out bedding. Replace with the most incredibly sensual sheets, pillows and coverings you can afford. Your bed should make you want to linger in delight.

Now, letand#8217;s get down and dirty. Be sure underneath the bed is free of clutter. Take out last yearand#8217;s ski boots, snorkel gear and boxes of old photos. Store everything that is not of the bedroom out of the bedroom.

Feng Shui means and#8220;wind and water,and#8221; energy that flows. This is how you want the energy in your home to be, an open flow of positive and#8220;chiand#8221; or life force. Your boudoir is your private retreat from the daily assaults of the outside world.

Which brings us to the next step, remove photos of Mom, Dad, the kids, old exand#8217;s or friends and put them in their own special place elsewhere in the house. Lone, solitary figures are out. Bring in art showing happy couples or pairs of animals, people or objects, thereby setting the intention for there to be and#8220;twoand#8221; in the bedroom. Two matching bed stands on either side of the bed, two matching lamps and loverand#8217;s art will open up the energy to invite a relationship into your life..

Last but not least and#8212; take out the TV! Nothing says and#8220;not tonight honeyand#8221; like the 10 o’clock news blaring away. It is best to make your bed the only source of entertainment in the bedroom. If you absolutely must have the TV there, cover it up when you want to focus on your lover. Aromatherapy and music are essential ingredients too. Include spicy music and candles. Yummy smells bring inviting squeezes. The soft scents of rose, jasmine and vanilla are reported to have aphrodisiac qualities.

Make Valentineand#8217;s Day be every day. These simple changes in your bedroom can help bring more love and passion into your life. Give them a try. I know you will appreciate the positive results and love, love, love will be easy!

and#8212; Sharon Freewoman, owner of The Rainbow Bridge in the Village at Squaw Valley can be reached at 584-6100, http://www.TheRainbowBridge or DanceTheRainbow

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