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Spector experts: The best money can buy

Now that Paris Hilton is out of jail and a changed woman spreading goodwill and philanthropy throughout the world (at least until her next DUI arrest), it’s back to the boring old Phil Spector murder trial.

When we last left off, the LA County Coroner was testifying about the bruises in Lana Clarkson’s mouth-consistent with a gun barrel. As you recall, Clarkson was shot in the foyer of Spector’s 33-room mansion in the early morning hours of Feb. 3, 2003, still with her purse over her shoulder ” not exactly the norm for a suicide, despite Spector’s attorneys’ claims.

Last month, a witness testified that Spector once angrily declared “women all deserve a bullet in their heads.” The testimony was allowed because, as the judge noted, Spector already used an obscene slur of women on an answering machine, which the jury heard, specifically that “women should be shot in the head.”

Remember that previously four women testified that in years past when each of them turned down Spector’s sexual advances he put a gun to their head. Let’s hope the jurors remember that evidence and are not distracted by the high-priced, celebrity forensic pathologists hired by Spector.

These experts are well-seasoned and can handle any prosecutor’s cross examination. They are self-assured and persuasive to jurors. And for that reason they are paid no less than $5,000 per day for their testimony. Just like any good actor. Of course, they are well screened by Spector’s talented Obfuscation Team

before being engaged.

These for-hire experts are there for one reason: to raise a reasonable doubt. For example, to suggest that the blood splattered from Clarkson’s mouth could have sprayed as much as six feet onto Spector’s jacket, leading to the obvious conclusion that Spector was standing six feet away and had nothing to do with her death. In fact, he was probably reaching for his briefcase to pull out another Viagra pill.

If Spector is acquitted, it will be because of the forensic testimony, just like the “CSI” television shows. Only Spector’s pathologists are not searching for the truth.

Just from reading reports, these experts were able to definitively opine that Spector is innocent. But that’s not all. That Lana Clarkson was depressed and “spontaneously killed herself.”

“Phil, instead of going home, I think I’ll kill myself. May I borrow your gun?”

Mrs. Phil Spector has tearfully sat in the courtroom during the trial. What a trooper. Where she was on the night Spector brought Clarkson (and others, on other nights) to his mansion is not clear and not part of the court proceedings. The loving wife.

All the while Spector is wearing an assortment of wigs in the courtroom-and not even good wigs at that. Irrelevant.

The Obfuscation Team asked the judge to dismiss the charges for failure to show “implied malice,” the test for a murder charge. The judge refused, allowing the case to be presented to the jury.

So starting last week the prosecutors began putting on their rebuttal witnesses, countering the defense witnesses who have been testifying for the past few weeks. This week the jury may visit the crime scene, but the judge wants to pre-screen the house before allowing jurors in. Here’s why.

In 1995 when the jurors in the O.J. Simpson case toured the Simpson house, the Dream Team had redecorated the residence before the jurors arrived. They removed photos of O.J. posing with white friends (the jury was all black) and removed a nude photo of his girlfriend, and placed a Bible near his nightstand.

They also added a Norman Rockwell print showing federal marshals escorting a young black girl as she integrated into a school. How touching. The defense team is not going to be allowed scene manipulation.

The Spector proceedings are the first criminal trial to be televised live in LA since the Simpson case. If Spector walks, it will be the second time involving a sensational case in LA that a guilty man was acquitted.

I predict he will be convicted. One can only hope.

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