Student of the Week: Ben Snyder |

Student of the Week: Ben Snyder

Ryan Salm/Sierra SunBen Snyder


Kings Beach Elementary

By being nice to everybody and by not being mean. In class I raise my hand and answer questions.

The uniforms are good because now the kids can’t show their underwear like they used to and wear sweatshirts that say bad stuff. It makes me feel more organized because you don’t have to go around looking for what to wear.

P.E. ” it’s fun. You get a workout and you get to play a bunch of fun games, like Shark. In Shark, there’s islanders and sharks, and if the sharks tag the islanders, they have to go to the hospital and someone has to come and save you.

That’s really hard to say. I would have to say Sra. Hagen, my 4th grade teacher this year, and Mrs. Swan, who was my second and third grade teacher. Sra. Hagen is super nice and Mrs. Swan is really nice too.

I want to go to college at Stanford and I want to try to be a baseball player in the major leagues.

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