Student of the Week: Marissa Kamenetsky |

Student of the Week: Marissa Kamenetsky

Christine Stanley/Sierra SunMarissa Kamenetsky

I like to write stories about make believe. My favorite one was the Halloween story I just wrote. This girl moves to a new house and there is a dark figure, and she somehow has to kill it. It was the longest one I ever wrote because it was eight pages.

Mrs. Dewald is my teacher. She is a very nice teacher. She makes people understand. Sometimes I don’t understand language arts and she tells me the directions and what you have to do.

I’m kind. I do things to help people understand things, and when I am finished with my work, I sit down and read at my desk.

I don’t know. Maybe a vet because I like animals. I have a cat, and a dog, and we had two fish but one died, so now we have one invincible fish.

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