Students heard by school board |

Students heard by school board

A group of students asked the school board the tough questions at Wednesday night’s Tahoe Truckee Unified School District trustees’ meeting.

Roughly 15 students showed up for the meeting as part of an assignment to attend a public meeting for teacher Patty McCaffrey’s government class. In addition to attending the meeting, students will have to turn in a one-page summary of the issues discussed by the public officials.

“It was a little different than what I’d expected,” student Brian Ivie said as he left the meeting. “I didn’t think there would be quite as much participation from the students.”

School board President Cindy Gustafson encouraged students to make comments during public participation portion of the meeting, and three students spoke on various issues.

Tahoe Truckee High School student Will Marshman asked a series of questions about the necessity of the district’s current construction projects.

“Why do we have to build a new gym (and cafeteria) when enrollment is down?” Marshman asked the board.

Board members and district staff explained how funds are earmarked for specific projects in the district.

Marshman followed up by commenting on the poor state of Truckee High’s facilities and the use of duct tape to patch up ailing construction.

There is a renovation project, slated to begin in the coming year, for the high school’s east wing, which will be funded by Measure C bond money.

All school board members expressed they were surprised and pleased to have student participation at what would have been an otherwise poorly attended board meeting.