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Tahoe Donner is not for sale

To the editor:

Tahoe Donner Ski Area for years has been confused with Donner Ski Ranch. Due to the sale of Donner Ski Ranch, numerous phone calls from the confused public are asking if Tahoe Donner Ski Area is for sale. Tahoe Donner Ski Area is not for sale.

Tahoe Donner Ski Area is part of Tahoe Donner Association and is located five miles north of Truckee. Tahoe Donner Ski Area caters to beginner and intermediate skiers and snowboarders; Donner Ski Ranch is located on top of Donner Pass.

Tahoe Donner Ski Area is not affiliated with Donner Ski Ranch and again is not for sale.

Friends helped with injury

Christine McDougall, Truckee

To the editor:

Well, Christmas is a time to count your blessings, so here I go. On Aug. 20, I fell through a ladder while roofing our barn. I fractured three vertebrae and came very close to severing my spinal cord.

This tragedy turned our world upside down. I’d like to thank some people that I probably wouldn’t recognize if I saw them again, but deserve recognition. My memory tells me they were caring and helpful on that day.

I’d like to thank Hans and Sally, and the blonde neighbor lady that came out of nowhere. Thanks to the off-duty paramedic who stopped when he heard the call and calmed down my husband, my dogs and me. I’d like to thank the people from Truckee Fire District for their quick response. The sound of the siren coming gave me hope.

I’d like to thank the two guys in the ambulance, who stuck with me the whole trip. I think one of their names was John? Thanks to the ER staff at Tahoe Forest Hospital, and to the wonderful nurses and staff at St. Mary’s Hospital in Reno. Special thanks to Dr. Patrick Herz, who, without his encouragement, I might not be as confident about a full recovery.

Thanks to the wonderful people of our car club, The Farside Cruisers, for bringing in food, flowers, groceries and never-ending support. And a very special thanks to my husband, Rod, for the unconditional love and support you have given me throughout this ordeal. I would not have made it without you. Thanks to our family and our son Brian, for finishing the roof!

You are all blessings to me. Merry Christmas!

Don’t let your dogs run loose

Brian Stevens, Truckee

To the editor:

I am shocked and frustrated at just how many idiots let their dogs wander leashless on public streets.

Let me start over. I love animals. More than most people. Are Truckee dogs smarter than other dogs? Are Truckee dogs just too quick to get hit by cars? Are they just plain-out runover-resistant? I think not. Someone I know recently hit a dog. It happened in Truckee. I wasn’t there but just hearing about it devastated me.

So, walk your dog without a leash. Let your dog roam freely. And when your poor dog gets killed or injured, suffers and needs to be put to sleep -it’s your fault. And I won’t say “I told you so.” I’m way too nice of a person for that.

Look, I know this letter may seem grim and unnecessarily dramatic. Please just consider my humble suggestion: leash your dog when on public streets. Thank you.

Truckee doesn’t need religious persecution

Parvin Darabi, Truckee

To the editor:

I take some classes at Sierra College and we meet at Tahoe-Truckee High School.

Recently the walls of the school are covered by an announcement saying “Soldiers 4 Christ” will be meeting. As a third-generation atheist and resident of Truckee, I find such an organization in our schools offensive and appalling.

First of all I don’t believe either Moses, Jesus or Mohammed needed soldiers to fight on their behalf. To teach young people in school to become soldiers for any one of these men is against the principle of separation of church and state and the religious freedom of all residents of Truckee. I am not against students practicing their freedom of speech, assembly and/or religion. However the term “soldier” is the wrong term to be used for any assembly. The dictionary defines the “soldier” as a member of an army, one who works for a specified cause. A soldier is taught to kill the enemy. And in this case the enemy is I and my kind.

I would have no problem if the announcement would say “Meetings of Christian Students” or “Christian Assembly,” but “Soldiers 4 Christ” has only one meaning for me and that is to teach our youth hate and bigotry towards the non-Christians in our community.

Everyday in the world, thousands of people leave their birthplace, just as I did, to find refuge from the soldiers of one religion or another. My extended family has been spread all over the globe running away from “Soldiers 4 Islam.” And now here in this beautiful and serene town of Truckee I have to fear “Soldiers 4 Christ.” I just wonder what happened to my right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

I have been to Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, and other Southern states in America where at every corner I was faced with Bible-pushing, hate-mongering religious zealots. And, I have been awakened many Sunday mornings by Christians trying to guide me in the right direction – their direction of course. Please don’t do this in Truckee.

Christ does not need bigotry and neither do we. Live and let live.

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