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Tahoe Pine Nuts: Tula Tulia — there’s nothing like her in the world

One thing comedian extraordinaire and all-around good guy Howie Nave and I have in common, besides our love of Lake Tahoe, is we share a page in the Lake Tahoe Action with the Bunny Ranch.

This is a natural grouping that makes me proud, as Howie is into humor, I’m into history and the Bunny Ranch is into recreation. Add these three things together and you’ve got geotourism at its best.

Let’s take a look at humor for a minute. It’s like massage on the inside, it cuts down on the doctor bills, keeps us from sourin’. The very wrinkles on our faces merely indicate where the smiles have been, and Howie makes us smile.

Allow me to share with you an example of humor I received today from a good friend, on why we old guys never get the job:

Human resources manager: “What is your most negative quality?”


“I don’t regard honesty as a negative quality.”

“I don’t give a crap what you think.”

History reflects our love of community, state, country and planet. I paraphrase this exemplary sample from Mark Twain: We heard a world of talk about the marvelous beauty of Lake Tahoe, “Lake Bigler” we called it back then, after the third governor of California, John Bigler.

Some suspected Bigler of having copperhead tendencies. One detractor asked, “How can you name a lake with no bottom after a man who is all bottom?” Another wag suggested that Bigler might be a perfectly good name, were Tahoe full of beer.

Recreation, however is the high priest of what Tahoe has to offer, and the Bunny Ranch is a good place to get your heartbeat up to speed. I happen to know the Bunny Ranch for their fine cigars, as I am inclined to smoke 40 or so a day, but I don’t inhale.

You might be surprised to learn how good it is for you to only exhale and never inhale, though this takes a good deal of practice. I am always attracted to the Bunny Ranch about this time of year, around Easter, I don’t know why.

I think it genius of the editorial board to group Tahoe humor, history and recreation on one page, for together, they make up the heart and soul of the allure that makes Tahoe the most desirable place on earth to live and to visit.

This is not to mention the heartbreakingly beautiful scenic splendor of the Lake Tahoe Basin or the gaming opportunities that can put you in a big house on the hill.

While speaking at the Hyatt I was asked about the price of gold. I responded, “Price of gold? You want to make money, and make it today? You go on over to the sportsbook and place a pile on Notre Dame to defeat Kentucky in the Big Dance, and forget about the price of gold.”

Well, a dozen or so hearty souls did exactly that, and Notre Dame got their lunch handed to them by Kentucky. I am still laying low as there are a dozen angry men out there looking for me.

Take it all around, there is no greater place to be, be it California or Nevada, than Tula Tulia, the Lake of the Sky, Lake Tahoe.

To learn more about McAvoy Layne visit http://www.ghostoftwain.com.

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