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Tahoe-Truckee can be more than tourism

As a low snow winter winds down and the word on global warming promises many warm winters in the future, now might be the perfect time to promote what Tahoe and Truckee should have been working on years ago ” a diversified economy.

Tourism is our bread and butter and will likely be for some time into the future. But given the fickle and seasonal nature of tourism and the need for a new economy of higher-paying, year-round jobs, diversification is going to be a must.

It won’t happen overnight.

It might take placing a little money behind the concept to market Truckee and Tahoe as a good place for business ” whether it be tech, medical or research.

It may take a little money to research what non-tourism business the area might be able to attract.

But just as Tahoe tourism is bolstered by a large advertising budget, Truckee and Tahoe could put money behind building other business to complement our recreational and service sectors.

The infrastructure, of course, would have to be there.

The high-speed Internet and the office space must precede the marketing push.

But the money spent on getting new business into the area could pay off in a big way.

Industries that do not slow down in between seasons and high-paying jobs could go along way toward solving the issues that we are throwing time and money at now ” affordable housing and economic revitalization.

And business that helps balance out the cyclical nature of building and real estate could only benefit the area in the long run.

Whether it be Truckee, Northstar or redevelopment in Kings Beach, region is growing. There’s no reason we can’t mold that growth into the economy we want.