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Tahoe Truckee Faith Factor: He loves me

TAHOE/TRUCKEE, Calif. and#8212; What would you do if you got in an accident and you were rendered paralyzed? What would your reaction be? How would it affect your relationship with God? Would it change the way you relate to your friends and family? Take a moment and ask yourself how you would react.

Now, after you think about your reaction, what would choose to do? Would you become depressed? Would you shut the world off and wallow in your pain and misery? Would you pray? Would you seek the Lord for His will in the situation? Would you recognize His sovereignty and act out on His goodness?

As many of you know local teenager Taylor Fiddyment was in a four-wheeler accident that left her paralyzed from the waist down, as of now. This incident that seems so impossible and so far away from our reality has hit home for many in our community. Taylor was involved in a few different churches in our town including my home church. I have known Taylor for a few years now and my heart broke when I heard of what happened. Why, Lord? was my question. Peace filled my heart, however, for I know He has a plan.

Think back to your reaction to her situation. Was it joy? Was it love? Was it peace? Because these were Taylorand#8217;s reactions. When sitting at her bedside, Jesse Richardson (youth pastor of Sierra Bible Church) asked her, and#8220;What is God saying to you?and#8221; With a twinkle in her eye, she responded, and#8220;That He loves me.and#8221;



Glory be to God! Here is a young girl who has tragedy hit her life in such a terrifying way and her response is she knows God loves her. She and her family are sharing the Good News with the nurses and doctors at the hospital and#8212; a girl who seems like she has no hope is sharing the greatest hope with the shocked staff.

Look at your life. Think of all with which youand#8217;ve been blessed. Food. A house. A family. A job. Two walking legs. And even if you donand#8217;t have those things in your life, you have air in your lungs and you are alive. Thank the Lord.

Do you see those things as blessing to give thanks for or is your heart filled with complaining and dissatisfaction? You are alive and#8230; what more could you ask for? You have a family, if not a blood family, you have Godand#8217;s family. What more do you want? You have been saved by grace; the Savior of the world died specifically for you so He could spend eternity with you and#8230; what else are you looking for?

Yes, there will be pain. There will be sorrow, suffering and heartache. Just ask Taylor or any other following believer. But, what Jesus offers is fulfillment, love, acceptance, identity, peace and joy in the hurting.

Spend time with your Father today and thank Him for the blessings in your life. Put aside complaining and grumbling. Stop thinking about yourself for just one moment and think about those around you. Better their lives. Love does not seek itand#8217;s own, 1 Corinthians says. Seek after otherand#8217;s good and otherand#8217;s best and be thankful for what you do have.

Thank you, Jesus, so much for offering us salvation. Thank you!

and#8212; Courtney Brimer, a lover of the Lord, Sierra College attendee and Ace Hardware employee who is very involved in her church and community!

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