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Tai Chi Ki Gong on the River at Truckee Regional Park

Submitted to aedgett@sierrasun.comTake your smile, lift your spirits, breathe and stretch into health with Ki Gong on the Truckee River.

TRUCKEE, Calif. and#8212; Beginning Tuesday, June 14, 9 am., our Ki Gong class will meet at the Riverfront Barbecue Area at the Regional Park. We welcome ourselves to the new day with slow, rhythmical movements coordinated with deep breathing and a meditative mindset. With the cool earth underfoot, the rush of the river next to us and the clear blue sky above our energy lifts, our spirits soar and our minds quiet into a happy place manifested by the ever-present smiles on our faces.

Ki Gong is a practice originating in China some 4,000 years ago. With influences from India and other areas the practice grew and spread. It is designed to enhance well being, cure ailments and enhance the immune system. The spiritual perspective of the practice leads the mind toward spirit, through the mindfulness of the slow movement sequences lead by the breath. Thus, the emotions quiet and are managed by mind. The energy of the smile is ever-present during the practice, resulting in uplifted energy, openness and a sense of interconnectedness with all.

The practice can be successfully accomplished regardless of physical or mental condition. It can be done in a sitting position if needbe. I teach a weekly class at Sierra Senior Services, 10040 Estates Drive, Truckee each Thursday at 10 a.m. Participantsand#8217; age group encompasses mid-40s to 101. The range of physical wholeness ranges from relatively nonrestricted to wheelchair bound. There are those with arthritic conditions, breathing problems, problems of attention as well as numerous other situations. The camaraderie in the group is amazing. They very much look forward to our weekly exercise class (as they call it). This class is also available to any who want to attend. One does not have to be a resident of the senior center or need to be a and#8220;senior.and#8221;

Our bodies are energy systems. When the energy of our body flows with no restrictions we are healthy. Physical, mental and spiritual situations can cause blocks to the free flow of energy resulting in dis-ease of one kind or another. The state of dis-ease can manifest in tiredness, poor concentration, fuzzy thoughts, stiffness, pain, depression, obsessive thoughts, cancer, circulation problems and so on.

When our bodies are tense, when we are stressed, energy is blocked. It becomes a vicious cycle between our mind, body and spirit. When we slow down, breathe deeply, move with slow and deliberateness, purge the negative energy and bring in the energy from around us; the heaven, the earth and our spirit; the energy system that is our body begins to flow unrestricted (its natural state) and thus health and well being is restored. Acupuncture is another method for removing energy blocks. Ki Gong/ Tai Chi were developed to maintain health and well being and develop the spirit. Thus, the regular and ongoing practice of these forms significantly enhances our lives.

I have been practicing, learning and teaching these forms for some eight years and continue to do so because the benefits both immediate as well as long term are significant in my life.

I invite you to come to a class and experience this for yourself. Classes are ongoing.

and#8212; Call Rolf Godon Ph.D. at 530-587-2557 for more information or just show up at a class

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