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Taking on the hazards of Truckee mini golf

As reported in last Friday’s Sierra Sun, Truckee is apparently getting another golf course in the near future ” an 18-hole mini-golf course located off Brockway Road.

But don’t expect any 20-foot-tall pink dinosaurs or miniature Eiffel towers on this course. According to the course’s owner, Mark Ross, the layout will utilize natural hazards that can be found within the Truckee environment such boulders, trees and water features.

All well and good, but if you ask me there are plenty of other hazards that are just as common around the Truckee area, and all of them are more interesting than rocks, trees and water.

So, even though the Truckee Planning Commission is probably going to hate it, here are a couple of other suggestion for potential “hazards” that Truckee locals could identify with:

– A putting green that looks like Highway 267 with a miniature Hummer H2 that swerves in front of your ball when you take a stroke.

– A hole where the approach shot runs through treacherous avalanche paths.

– A railroad crossing where the train never seems to get out of the way.

– A challenging par five hole in which you have to navigate your ball through Presidents Day traffic on Donner Pass Road.

– A hole named “Getting a building permit through the Town’s planning bureaucracy.” It would have a 10-foot tall brick wall surrounding the hole. Par would be 10.

– An incredibly steep slope with a small hole at the top called “Northwoods Boulevard on a snowy day.”

– A par five with 12 S-curves called “Davos Drive.”

– A hole with eight different doors you can choose to hit your ball through, seven of which trap your ball for at least 20 minutes. It would be called “Weekends at Safeway.”

– A mogul field complete with weekend warriors up from the Bay Area to deflect your ball into a tree well.

Paul Raymore is a Sierra Sun reporter. Reach him at praymore@sierrasun.com