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Teacher of the Week: Kurt Smart

Christine Stanley
Sierra Sun
Emma Garrard/Sierra Sun Truckee High School teacher Kurt Smart stands outside Truckee High School on a recent morning. Smart is this week's Teacher of the Week.

Tahoe Truckee High School

Social Science

I was going to junior college and was lost; I did not know what I wanted to be yet. Then one winter a friend of mine asked me if I would be willing to go with him and become a ski instructor. I agreed and went up to the ski hill. When I was working at Boreal teaching kids how to ski, I realized this is want I wanted to do. So I then went to my college counselor and changed my career path to where I am today.

I believe that every student can learn, you just have to find a way to relate the material so they will understand why you are teaching them that material.

Gary Collins. His class was the one I remember the most, and is also why I chose to major in social science and then teach it.

The Sun’s Christine Stanley conducted this week’s “Teacher of the Week” and interview. Please check out next Monday’s issue for more.