The Fires of Beltane |

The Fires of Beltane

May first is an important day in the Earth’s yearly journey around the sun, as we in the Northern hemisphere are at the halfway point between the spring equinox and the summer solstice. Traditionally, this day marked the arrival of summer. “May Day,” or “Beltane” in the Celtic traditions, is a time of renewal and refreshment from the long dreariness of winter. Its customs reach deep into our ancient past. Our ancestors celebrated this sacred time with much joy and passion. The Earth is bursting forth with new life and we all feel the lightness in our steps.

Are you ready to dance the maypole? A long-standing tradition of Beltane is the interweaving of brightly colored ribbons around a center pole, symbolizing one of the main themes of Beltane, the union of the feminine and masculine forces in creating life. By these ancient rites our ancestors encouraged the land to bear its fruit abundantly. They lit huge bonfires ” the whole village would dance in circle or entwine around the maypoles ” and making love in the open fields was encouraged as they understood their connection to the land and hoped their passionate energy would transfer into abundant crops and new life for the village.

This time is also when our sun passes through the constellation of Taurus, a zodiac sign known for it’s fruitfulness and love of sensual pleasure. What better time to let your passions soar?

As we rise to this occasion let us also take a look at how we can bring this important energy into our lives in this day and age. In the distant past our ancestors felt it was imperative for their survival to produce as many children as possible as many did not survive till adulthood. Today with nearly six and a half billion people on the planet and with dwindling resources it is time to put that ancient drive on hold and look at creating more consciousness around our fertility. We want to draw in abundance but it needs to be sustainable. Abundance as unchecked growth continues to eat up the earth from under us. This May Day make a commitment to be more aware of how we “dance” upon this planet, our only home in the vast cosmos. Then enjoy all the earthly delights, make love offerings, be expansive and exuberant, let crackling passion take the night and dance, dance, dance!

“Sharon Freewoman, High Priestess and Reiki Master, is the owner of The Rainbow Bridge at the Village in Squaw Valley and has been teaching a variety of subjects for the last 30 years. For upcoming classes and events go to or contact her at (530) 584-6100 or

…arrives sweetly, the smell of spring’s lush fragrance fills us with longing to lie on the soft earth and watch the clouds go by.

Indulge yourself! Connecting with natural forces rushing to burst forth among the first stirrings of summer winds will bring a joy-filled peace, much needed in these changing times. Imagine yourself riding the waves of time, the ups, the downs, the ever-changing landscape of reality, allowing yourself to laugh and enjoy the ride ” not fear it. Embrace the seeming inconsistencies of life and know we all share in creating a moment of love.

Open your arms wide and breathe deeply, feel your heart expand, send out loving, compassionate thoughts, like the pebble in the pond, the energy of your heart/love ripples throughout the world and all are changed by that one kind thought.

What might happen if we all tried this each morning upon waking? How might this simple gesture change your day and that of everyone around you? What if everyone reading this article did this each morning for the month of May? Could we change the world? Absolutely.

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